Practice Areas

Sanders & Associates’ broad-based practice history and strong commitment to client relationships enable us to provide effective counsel and representation in today’s complex legal and business environment. Using integrated processes and technologies, we offer legal representation in these practice areas:

Business representation and commercial disputes

We assist clients in a wide range of business and commercial matters, including real estate and family business litigation, lease negotiation, bankruptcy, and trademark/trade secret/noncompete matters. Our role as outside counsel is to help your company by helping you.

Corporate contracts and transactions

Clients turn to us for assistance in drafting and reviewing contracts, and in planning and implementing business transactions, corporate or asset acquisitions, commercial lending arrangements, intellectual property protection, and an assortment of other business dealings.

Litigation across U.S.

We handle pre-suit investigation and negotiation, dispute resolution, and complex civil litigation, arbitration, and mediation—in Ohio and in other states to the extent that state and local rules permit. Our practice includes commercial and other civil matters in both state and federal courts. We often work with local counsel in other states, and we have served as local counsel in Ohio for out-of-state firms whose clients have been involved in Ohio litigation.

Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration is a form of private dispute resolution that is an alternative to the traditional lawsuit process. Many commercial and consumer contracts require that parties pursue arbitration when disputes arise, instead of resorting to the courts. Our attorneys are familiar with the unique rules and methods that apply in this area of the law, and we have a long history of assisting clients in arbitration matters, in Ohio and in other states where our attorneys are either licensed or otherwise permitted to practice. We can also assist with mediation, which is a negotiation process in which many disputes can be settled through the assistance and facilitation provided by a skilled mediator.


We handle coverage law, coverage litigation and counseling, government regulation and administrative law processes, and company/agency relationship issues.

Crop insurance

Since 1996, we have served as outside litigation counsel for one of the larger Approved Insurance Providers (AIP) in the Federal Crop Insurance Program, representing them in claim and underwriting investigations and disputes, arbitrations and lawsuits, agency-company contracting matters, and federal and state regulatory compliance concerns. We have handled crop insurance matters for several AIPs in more than 25 states.

Estate plans and probate matters

We help clients establish financial and health care plans that will speak for them when they cannot, including wills, trusts, and durable powers of attorney. We also assist their families, heirs, or guardians in implementing those plans and directives.

Probate Litigation and Trust Disputes

We assist clients with disputes that arise in regard to the handling of a probate estate or a trust, including those involving allegations of trustee or fiduciary misconduct or mismanagement, litigating in probate court when necessary.

Divorce and Family Law

We assist Ohio clients with divorce, marital dissolution, property division, family law, and child custody matters.

Homeowners Association (HOA) and Condominium Law

We assist property owners with matters involving Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Associations, including approval applications and disputes, and with other matters relating to ownership of property involving common-area rights and obligations.

Elder Law

We assist families dealing with aging, disability, and guardianship needs, in a variety of areas.

Commercial, transportation, and customs law

Our attorneys help clients with commercial law, transactions, and disputes, as well as import/export compliance and transportation issues.