Do you want fries with that Arbitration…?

Our firm frequently handles arbitration matters administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA).  AAA’s case management services can sometimes be expensive, and they may not be cost-effective for all disputes. For that reason, our clients sometimes agree to use AAA Rules but to bypass actual AAA administration. Interestingly, AAA now offers “a la carte” services for parties who choose to administer their own cases, including arbitrator appointment services, mediation and settlement facilitation, optional appeal services, and (major cities only) hearing room rentals.  See the link below for further details.

The American Arbitration Association specializes in beginning-to-end administered arbitration as a time-tested, cost-effective alternative to litigation. While the AAA offers high value case management services, some contracts provide for ad hoc or self-administered arbitration and we make it possible for parties in such cases to utilize various stand-alone administrative services offered by the AAA. These services provide the AAA’s high standards, but allow parties to choose only the processes suited to their specific circumstances.